Thanks for visiting my “Perfect Piece Of Mind Page!” The Parallax mind program is the best system out there that I have seen and the one I faithfully use to achieve massive success and get the results I am looking to attain. You can read my testimony about it below but either way,it’s in your best interest to check it out. The benefits are tremendously beneficial on every level. Some of them including…

  • Learn How To Meditate Like A Seasoned Meditation Master, And Reduce The Learning Curve By As Much As 15 Years
  • Discover And Gain Awareness About Your True Mind And Higher Self
  • Fully Awaken To The Social Programming You Learned Early In Life, And Be Liberated From The Mass Hypnosis Of Society You Didn’t Choose For Yourself, Learn How To Course Your Own Life Path
  • Inherit Highly Advanced Life Skills To Create And Chart Your Own Life Path
  • Heal Early Life Sensitization And Trauma
  • Cure Any And All Anxiety And Depression That May Be Crippling Your Life
  • Overcome All Learned And Programmed Limitations That Are Holding You Back
  • Become Fully Liberated And Awakened As A Free Spirit
  • Discover And Develop Your Individual Talents
  • Evolve Your Self Awareness To Ever Increasing Levels Of Consciousness
  • Learn How To Fully Trust And Become Interdependent On Your Higher Self
  • Become A Highly Evolved Independent And Creative Thinker, Innovator, And Motivator To Help Others
  • Tap Into The Infinite Reservoir Of Universal Creative Intelligence
  • Join An Ever Expanding Group Of Like Minded Souls Destined To Reshape The World Through What Napoleon Hill Called The Master Mind Principle
  • Leverage The Power Of A Growing Master Mind Group Rooted In Love And Acceptance
  • Prepare Your Soul For Your Next Life Journey And Spiritual Evolution
  • Live Completely In The Present While Waking Up To The Illusions Of Time
  • Be Freed From The Mind Control And Belief Systems Of A World You Were Born Into
  • Learn What Enlightenment Really Is And How You Can Awaken To What Is Already Inside You
  • Develop A Very Deep, Honest, Open, And Increasing Connection To Spirit Without Man Made Traditions, Dogma, or Doctrine
  • Wake-Up to your human potential & fall in love with your life!
  • Wake-Up To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Happy meditating and I look forward to your continued personal growth! Best wishes!

~Tiffany Tee~

My Testimony…

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Lewi Glenis for quite some time now. When he first told me about the ParallaxMind™ Brain-Entrainment System, I was naturally intrigued and I immediately wanted to learn more about what it entailed of.

I have always been a facilitator of anything that has to do with self-improvement and I’ve spent half my life practicing countless techniques in the areas of affirmations, subliminal programming, binaural beats, self hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and the area of anything having to do with NLP. After being introduced to the dedicated ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System found in my ParallaxMind Members Monthly (PMMM) membership, and using it over a period of time I am blown away and have never experienced anything quite like it.

This system literally allows you to improve any area of your life, overcome any obstacle you are facing and become more aware of your higher conscious self in general. I have been successful over the last 15 years at incorporating other self development enhancers into my life, but PMMM has worked the most efficiently and effectively over just a short period of time.

No other system has provided me with such peace and serenity while helping me effortlessly achieve my goals and participate in my passions with ease and clarity like this. I absolutely love the fact that it is customizable and tailored to my personal wants and needs while being so easy to use anytime I choose. By customization, I mean that you can add your own personally chosen, and authored positive affirmations, that Lewi and his team then add to your ParallaxMind™ Guided Meditation System soundtracks. The best part is, the customizations are included free as part of your mostly PMMM membership, where each higher level of 12 is unlocked every 3 months right inside your member’s account.

You can tell an immense amount of time, blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of this program. I have come to the conclusion that Lewi Glenis is a creative genius for being able to put together something this intricate. He has an extraordinary ability to explain complex topics in simple understandable terms, while maintaining an organic connection between both the logical and creative characteristics of the human mind, and the more intuitive aspects of the human heart, his extensive research, knowledge and 30+ years of orchestrating this system into one platform is something I find priceless and nothing short of revolutionary.

This has only been the beginning for me and I can’t wait to see who I can evolve into after utilizing PMMM for years to come. This system allows anyone to train your brain and mind like an Olympic champion and I am very grateful that I was introduced to living completely in the present while waking up to the illusions of time. One of the biggest benefits I have experienced (and my favorite so far) is a very deep, real, open and increased connection to spirit in my own intimate way.

If you are wanting to become a more highly evolved independent and creative thinker, innovator, and motivator to evolve your self and help others as you tap into the infinite reservoir of universal creative intelligence I highly recommend you incorporate PMMM into your mindfulness, and personal development routine. You can truly learn what enlightenment really is and awaken to the endless potential that is already inside you! The most important step is increasing your self-awareness and I believe ParallaxMind Members Monthly is one such powerful solution.