Hi Everyone! 

My new show called, “The Vent-Venting With The Purpose Of Finding Positive & Enlightening Ways To Cope!”

Sam & I live on, "The Vent"

I am so blessed and fortunate to have the famous Sam Gonzo joining me, every Sunday starting May 22nd at 10pm Pacific Time and will continue every Sunday evening, for at least the next 7 weeks! 🙂 ~WATCH THE VIDEO TO SEE WHAT IT’S ABOUT~

I am so excited and happy to start doing this show with Sam (DjGonzo_05) and I feel that it will be fun and helpful for everyone involved.  We will also be having Kona the canine mascot joining us when she is available 🙂     

The Famous & Sought After, “Sam Gonzo”







If you haven’t done so already, please follow the show on my blab page and get notified of any updates or changes…

https://blab.im/tiffanyteeworld  https://blab.im/DjGonzo_05

Until then, Many Blessings of love, light, good health, and good fortune! I will be “Purposefully Lovin’ Life & Livin’ It Up” as always and we hope to see you there!  Click the link below to tune in LIVE this Sunday Evening May 22nd @ 10pm Pacific Time!