Holding Yourself Accountable

Are you where you want to be at in life?  Are you living your full potential?  Are you participating in your passions and in alignment with your purpose?  Are you turning your dreams and goals into reality?  If any of the answers are no, then why not???

These are the questions I ask myself towards the end of every month before I do my planning and scheduling for the next month to come.  When I am analyzing, digesting, remembering, and reflecting on the events that took place and the experiences I had in the previous weeks, I am able to determine what needs to be adjusted according to my overall goals and dreams in life. 

I felt compelled to make this video to share with you the aspects of my life that I work through and give more insight to how my process goes.  Basically, I just wanted to show you that I am human, I am not perfect, and even though my life tends to get off balance sometimes and get a little chaotic, I still make sure I am aware of this and I take action on how to fix it and I am always exactly where I need to be!  🙂

I think massive awareness in life is necessary for every person whether they are successful or not, and the only way (for me at least) to stay actively aware is to ask myself questions that will provide me with the necessary feedback and tools as to what I have to do and how I have to do it.  This is one of the ways I “Purposefully Love Life & Live It Up” to the fullest and I hope you do too!  🙂

P.S. I definitely need to work on saying ummm, LOL!  I do it way too much HeeHee! 🙂

Would love to hear your feedback or if you would like to share how you keep yourself in check!  Please feel free to leave your comments below:)