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"Adversity is a sail not an anchor." - Brian King

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Brian R. King

Everyone of us go through times in our lives when we really need some help, support, & assistance (in some cases…a lot) but asking for what we need often becomes paralyzing. That’s why Wade Bloodgood & I decided to take on this campaign & seek out the “earth angels” of the world to help us help Community Hero, “Brian R. King” ‘Be Free In A New Set of Wheels,’ by contributing & or participating in this fundraising campaign…God knows there are enough people who are more than willing & able to do just that & it is our goal to find the ones who will make that happen! :)

It is our hope and intention to bring awareness to this campaign so that you together with Wade & I can play a part in helping Brian & to bring all of us together to pitch in help a man that so selflessly gives his own time, energy, & resources to others every day.

Brian deserves so much more than just what this fundraiser is after but at least when he gets set free again by acquiring the vehicle he needs, he can continue making this world that we all live in a better place but in a much larger way than what he has done throughout most of his life.

The reason why I felt so compelled to take the initiative of starting this, “Brian R. King Awareness” ripple effect & get this going for him is because he has been a teacher, coach, mentor, & friend in my life for a while now & has contributed immensely to not only my happiness, success, & personal growth, but to countless others’ as well. In talking about this idea to others I found a lot of people who loved the idea of Helping Brian, especially Wade Bloodgood who has contributed immensely to the creation & success of getting this going with me.

Brian leads by example & shows the world how to love more, how to understand more, & teaches from his genuine perspective that it’s ok to be a round peg that doesn’t fit into a square hole…& not only that we are all different and unique, but to embrace that which makes us different & unique... & do something good with it.

With his loving, gentle, & compassionate ways of leading, Brian has become a real true life hero to many individuals worldwide.

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How Can You Help?
We Are Making A Mad Dash To Raise $92,609.00 For Brian To Be Free Again!

Brian R. King

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After being a 27 year cancer survivor having adult ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Aspergers, & now his most recent diagnosis of Elhers Danlos Syndrome, (while courageously raising 3 children with the same diagnoses) Brian remains such a resilient, bright shining light in this world & is so passionate about teaching how to live compassionate lives & exemplifies to us all what that looks like.

Brian learned a little secret along the way as he went through his own challenges, overcame many obstacles, & jumped over personal hurdles. And every single day, whether he makes a living doing it or not, he continuously gives back to anyone & everyone in need.

Now, myself with the help of Wade Bloodgood feel it’s time that this Community Hero deserves a taste of his own medicine in the best of ways & we feel it's his time to receive some “giving back” himself. :)

Love, Kindness, & Support make the world feel more connected & all three of those ingredients encourages others to believe in the reality that true miracles do exist & that those energies influence supportive-helping people to heal, overcome, & thrive.

Please come together with us & contribute to ‘Help, "Brian R. King" Be Free ‘In a way where he can continue to add value to the lives of everyone he comes into contact with, including yourself.

Brian’s ripple effect can be felt all around the world and it’s starting with you, right here, right now. And remember…YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BY ACCIDENT! Something, somewhere, lead you to this page for a reason…

So please do something good with that synchronistic force that helped make it possible for your eyes to read these words and watch these videos. Become aware that you can help out whether it's by sharing or giving but hopefully both! :)

Thank you so much for your time, participation, contribution, & for starting this legacy that will assist Brian R. King to be free again! :)

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Brian's Favorite Quotes

"I don't have autism I have strengths and challenges. I am not autistic I am human. "

"Become the change you want to see in the world."- Gandhi

"Life is nothing more than a single moment in a constant state of adjustment." - Brian King

"Keep moving forward." - Walt Disney

"Things don't go wrong in life, they just go different." - Brian R. King

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