~Testimonies From People Who Know Tiffany Tee~


“Tiffany Tee is the most loving, creative, intelligent, and genuine person I’ve ever met. She’s a rockstar with the personality to inspire millions and will open your mind to the possibilities that life has to offer.  If you have a chance to hear Tiffany speak or better yet chat with her in person,  you can be assured you’re life will change for the better!”

Dino Gomez

~D. Gomez~ Entrepreneur, Founder, Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. http://dynamik365.com 


“I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany through one my most respected entrepreneurial friends. I was immediately struck by the strength of Tiffany’s spirit. Her power is balanced beautifully by her empathetic, compassionate and genuine interest in helping people. I think she is inspiring both as a woman, a partner and as a business woman. I hope to work with Tiffany in many different capacities over the next few years, and continue to build what I feel is a lifelong friendship in the making. Take in her white light, you won’t regret it.”

Savannah Peterson Pic

~Savannah Peterson~ Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Innovator, Forbes’ 30 Under 30  http://savannahpeterson.com      __________________________________________________________________________________________

“Tiffany Tee is and has been such a joy to collaborate with and I’m grateful for knowing her. She is a true kindred spirit and hasn’t even scratched the surface of her potential. I’m excited to see her rise to the top and watch her bring joy and happiness to so many people around the world. She has become a dear personal friend to me as well over the last few months. Her sincere compassion and true caring nature are a part of what makes her so endearing to me.”

William Mills

~William Mills~ Entrepreneur, http://EasyMoneyFunnel.com, http://RevshareGoldmine.com


“Tiffany is much more than your everyday kind of business owner or entrepreneur in the Social Media space. Tiffany has this authentic, genuine, energetic energy that when you’re around her, whether on the phone or in person, you feel completely inspired, positive, at ease and ready to conquer the world. Tiffany in an incredible woman.”

Mike Kawula Pic

~Mike Kawula~ Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of “The Social Quant” www.thesocialquant.net


“Tiffany has a show on BLAB called “The Gratitude Show.” This is where I first met her. As a fellow entrepreneur, I find that having an attitude of gratitude allows me to best assist my clients and run my business with a positive attitude. This is what drew me to her and her show. I was very impressed by what I saw, and, shortly thereafter, we became friends on Facebook.

As we have gotten to know each other on a more personal level, I am even more blown away by her intuitiveness and generosity. I had shared with her some family issues that were troubling me. Tiffany took time out of her busy schedule and without wanting anything in return, provided me with information specific to my situation – really valuable information. In other words, it wasn’t some cookie cutter advice that others in her position may have provided. Not only that, she took it a step further and provided my with some insight on me personally. Her words really spoke to me.

As the quote goes, “Some people come into your life for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetime.” I believe that Tiffany Tee came into my life for a reason, and I am truly grateful. Whether her presence will be for a season or a lifetime is unknown. All I can say, if anyone has Tiffany come into their lives for any reason, they have been blessed.”

Stephanie Mistofsky Pic

~Stephanie Mistofsy-Kanan~ Entrepreneur, Massage Therapist – http://www.oasispalisades.com/      __________________________________________________________________________________________

“I met Tiffany Tee on Facebook when her profile crossed my path and I friended her on a whim. She accepted and I half jokingly told her she was my 77th friend on Facebook. She replied in kind and said her life path number is 7, and I knew then an important synchronicity had occurred on a cosmic level. Since then our friendship has grown on and offline and reflects the same connection we established on a universal level. Tiffany has become a very dear friend, and knowing her has brought a lot of joy into my life.

She is a very genuine human being and loves people very much. When I hear her voice, especially when she’s talking about a friend or a topic that is important to her, you can hear how much love she has for people, and care for our state of being–quality of life in the world. She wants people from all walks of life to love one another and find peace on all levels of our lives. She wants people to discover their true voice and calling and doesn’t hold back anything when offering her encouragement, advice, and personal view of what she believes with all her heart. She wants and strives very hard to help guide people into living their life’s dreams and being fulfilled.

Tiffany Tee is a definite leader who can and will bring a lot of light into this world which we really need at this point of time. Our personal friendship has also evolved into a business relationship, and I have never in my 47 life encountered a more caring, thoughtful, and committed human being to elevating the human condition, and our heavenly realm in the cosmos. Tiffany Tee is the real deal, and I am honored to know her, have her be a part of my life, and most importantly call her friend who I know God sent my way, as I know our meeting was not an accident and meant to be for greater things to come.

Tiffany Tee is a lovely woman and a brilliant young mind rising up in our world to bring more peace, love, light, and acceptance to a growing tired world that needs more love now more than ever. I highly recommend following Tiffany Tee’s  career oriented path with intention, and drawing all you can from her, as she has been blessed with an endless deep well of awareness, wisdom, and grace.”

Lewi Glennis Pic

~Lewi Glenis~ Creative Director of Parallax Mind http://www.parallaxmindmembersmonthly.com/   


“Tiffany Tee is the definition of giving 110% in everything she does. She is a woman who is focused and driven beyond comprehension to do the best job she can with what she is doing. The term, “perfectionist” pales  when you consider Tiffany. She is so laser focused- and perhaps that’s what fuels her passion to excel.  Just talk to her. It won’t take you long to recognize that she is a different individual than what you come across day to day. I don’t come across too many people that ooze ambition and drive the way that she does. Just give her your project and stand back. She will run hard until she exceeds your goals to meet her own.”

Nana Hinsley Pic

~Nana Hinsley~ Facilitator For “The Love Bench Del Mar” www.facebook.com/thelovebenchdelmar __________________________________________________________________________________________

Here’s some words of appreciation for you and your amazing work:                                                                    “It’s been an absolute privilege to know Tiffany and the awesome transformational work she does to empower people worldwide. Even in the short time I have known her, she has impressed me with her unique talents of inspiring others by valuing the skills they offer to the world. She enthuses and practices real compassion and understanding for others through her words and actions, which is quite refreshing. I’m sure she will reach great heights in her efforts of awakening social consciousness.”

Virin Gomber

~Virin Gomber~ Success Coach, Mindfulness Trainer & Inspirational Speaker  http://viringomber.com/   


“Tiffany Tee is a sweet and caring soul. Every time we talk I walk away with a smile and sense of calm. She’s a truly authentic human being who has great things to give to this world!”

Brian King Pic

~Brian R. King, MSW~ Success Coach for ADHD & Dyslexia, International Presenter & Author  http://BrianRaymondKing.com


Engaging, inspiring, insightful, & immensely talented. “After discovering Tiffany on the Gratitude Show, I recognized something incredible.  You will be captured by her incredible aura and inspired by her purpose. Tiffany’s authenticity resonates at such an incredible level, it will lift your spirit and nourish your soul.”

Ellis San Jose Pic

~Ellis San Jose~Real Estate Investor, Broker, Financial Advisor  and Author, www.forinvestorsbyinvestors.com     _________________________________________________________________________________________

“Tiffany Tee is the living example of a truly alive person. I believe we are all trying to attain this way of being, and it seems to come easily to her.  She is incredibly positive and radiates so much compassion, non-judgement and love for others. She is also wildly driven and ambitious, with a wonderful light and uplifting spirit! She is super generous with her time and wisdom, and I am delightfully blessed to work with her!”

Teresah Lynn Pic

~Teresah Lynn~Author, Innovative Creator of Fun & Beauty; In Service To Others, Imprint Coach http://www.theimprintcoach.com/    __________________________________________________________________________________________

“I am Bhupinder Singh from India, my nickname is Lucky. I’ve known the amazing Tiffany Tee for several months and I met her on face book. I feel proud she is my friend and special for me because she is a very kind, good-natured, cooperative, caring, soft hearted lady. She is hardworking and dedicated to her work. I am an ordinary man, not rich, but she cares for me and replies back to my messages which also help to inspire me.              

She has a beautiful face as well as from her heart, she is great good nature and nice. She works with people whose life is in dark and helps those people to enlighten their soul. I am a lucky person to find Tiffany. She has a friendly nature and is always ready to help others without any selfish interest. She started a live show which inspires and helps many people. I suggest to all watch Tiffany Tee World live shows.

You can contact with her if you need any help or guidance.  Really, she is with great spirit power. SHE IS AN AMAZING LADY, LIKE ONE I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! My best wishes to Tiffany Tee to carry on.

lucky Pic

Tiffany, you are great i am proud of you and I always pray to God for your success. God bless you and you are on top! I would love to help you any way. You are so sweet, loving, and a  great lady. Very difficult to find person like you. My best wishes for your success!”

~Bhupinder Singh~Jalandhar, India  __________________________________________________________________________________________

“Tiffany is a very ambitious entrepreneur who shares her story of overcoming obstacles openly.  She host 3 shows weekly that are all value based. The shows are content rich and if you decide to work with Tiffany I know that you will receive immense value and inspiration.  Her genuine approach to providing value to her audience comes through immensely on her shows and I encourage you to follow her and subscribe to her shows.”

Mike Anthony Pic

~Mike Anthony~Internet Entrepreneur & Coach, Creator/Facilitator of “LeaderBoard Formula” Coaching Program http://mikeanthonytv.com  __________________________________________________________________________________________

“I was privileged to meet Tiffany about 13 years ago in a business meeting. She was attracting, intriguing and immediately my new best friend.  As a business woman myself I knew I met someone so unique that she was going to be my lifelong friend and that initial feeling has proven to be true. She has high integrity professionally and personally and the deepest care and love towards people.

I have respected her insight as it has always been on point, and her business skills she has been proven in her results. She is one of the most genuine, gifted, talented and caring people I know.. I love to follow any project she is involved in as it proves to be blessed. I am honored and blessed to call Tiffany Tee my friend.”

Davette Wheat Pic

~Davette Wheat, CCHT~ Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Numerologist  http://davette.net


“I met Tiffany in November 2015 at an international search engine optimization convention in Nashville. By chance, I sat next to Tiffany and struck up a conversation.  She is very pretty, but nice and humble. We talked a lot about the convention and the people we met.  And hung out a bit during the convention.  It was nice to meet someone who was not judgmental and cares a lot about people.

Tiffany is a very down to earth and balanced woman who cares deeply about people and does not judge anyone for any reason. I’m happy to consider her my friend for life from this chance meeting sitting next to her at a lounge next to the convention hotel. It has been nice to watch her business grow and hope to reconnect again in the future.”

Scott Bender Pic

~Scott Bender~President of Internet Concepts USA, http://InternetConceptsUSA.com


“Tiffany is an inspiration to me with her constant effort and focus on helping others. Her business acumen and ability to bring projects together is hard to top. I always look forward to seeing what new treat Tiffany has in store for us next.”

Adam Torres Pic

~Adam Torres~Entrepreneur, Founder of “Mr. Century City”, Host/Creator of “The Gratitude Show” http://mrcenturycity.com  __________________________________________________________________________________________

“I would like to say to those who are reading this you did not come here by mistake. Tiffany is an amazing woman! Not only is she a rare beauty but also a loving, kind, and super positive person that I’m proud to have in my life as a future business partner in the making and friend. She has a heart of Gold and is what I call a inspirational dreamer. She has helped me from day to day even without her knowing.

Her posts that she puts on her  Facebook wall is a big encouragement  to me everyday. Some days when I think well my life sucks, I am reminded that it’s only 1 day. Move on to the next and keep pushing! Your next day is only closer to your goal. Tiffany!! Much love and blessings, thank you for being you.”

Caleb Mason Pic

~Caleb Mason~Entrepreneur


“I have known Tiffany for a bit and I had a chance to meet her when she came to Las Vegas this last June. I met her on a social networking platform called Blab. When I first met her I thought wow this lady is awesome. She had an aura about her of positivity, confidence and drive. She is definitely fun to be around. One other special thing about her she knows how to listen. Which is a plus because most people talk and they don’t listen.

What I think of Tiffany as a person is she is very genuine. Very loving and a caring spirit. She gives a person the confidence to be who they are. I would also say since I have spent time with her that she doesn’t judge people, which is really hard to find nowadays. I have found her to be quite honest.

Professionally she is a go-getter, she is driven, she is confidant, and she will not stop till she gets the job done. She sets a goal and goes after it relentlessly. I spent a couple of days with her in Las Vegas and I watched her. So when she puts her mind to something, I know she’s going to go after it and get it done. She has three shows that she does on Wednesday night on the Blab network which starts at 7:30pm and going all the way to 11:45pm, I call that drive and commitment.

All I can say is this lady awesome and will continue to be a driving force in the business world and in life. I am glad to call her my friend.”

Bruce Carter Pic

~Bruce Carter~


“My daughter Tiffany was born a very special child, she was a very healthy, happy, and special baby. She was well loved by myself and others, never fussy, always laughing & a lot of joy to be around.

As she grew, I began to notice that there was something very special about her. I Guess you could call it , “HAVING A GIFT”, Always wanting to please & help others, putting others needs before her own. She has & continues to truly touch many lives, not to say, especially mine!!! People found themselves always wanting to be around her, saying, what a joy she is to be around, that her Energy was & is still Positive, Genuine & Pure.

Tiffany spent most of her childhood in the mountains with her Grandparents, forever playing by herself outside in the beautiful nature of the tall Pines & Oak trees. Often playing with her Barbies or my parents dog. She never complained about having no one to play with or being away from her friends or City life.

Tiffany grew up both at the Ocean & the Mountains, having the best of both worlds. She attended school in Newport Beach where she learned she could connect, tele connectivity with the Dolphins. She was so drawn to them, seeming to always get them to come & do a dance for her along with a little conversation.

Tiffany has endured, survived, & risen above a lot of hard challenges in her life. Watching her go through such tragedy, loss & heartbreak has sadden my heart cause there was nothing I could do, as she had to go through it for her “LIFE’s LESSONS”.

Being Tiffany’s Mother is a True Honour & I am truly blessed to even have such an amazing Daughter. She is my Best Friend, Mentor & #1 go to person for any of , life’s challenges, knowing that I will never be judged by her. She always sends me pure Positive, Loving energy that somehow always encourages me to be a better person.

I am so very excited to see what’s next in Tiffany’s life, trusting that no matter what, she will always be Okay. She Truly is my HERO!!!”

Stephanie Andersson Pic

~Stephanie Andersson~Tiffany’s Mother, Trail Angel-Pacific Crest Trail-Piutemama  https://www.facebook.com/piutemama 


“Tiffany is  very optimistic, caring and supporting person. And one of those people who leaves you with a more “positive” feeling after departing from interacting with her. She shot off very positive vibes even from our first interaction. She has big dreams and is motivated to make them a reality. Professionally, she is no different. She works hard while staying true to her nature.”

Aaron Tupaz Pic

~Aaron Tupaz~ Self Improvement Entrepreneur, Creator Of Positively BrainWashed http://positivelybrainwashed.com


“I have had the privilege of knowing this wonderful woman for close to 5 years now. She and I came together as friends through fate and have been each other’s rock since. Tiffany is the closest person I have to a sister and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s upbeat, positive and an absolute sweetheart to be around.  She has made some of my darker days brighter and has helped me see a light at the end of the tunnel. Now it’s her journey to enrich others lives as she has mine!”

Christina Hamilton

~Christina Hamilton-Smith~ Professional Nurse/CareTaker





***(The comments above have in some cases been edited for grammar, spelling, and brevity. However, in all cases, the original meaning has been faithfully preserved.)***